F r a n c e B O T C H A R O F F  (M a r g u e t)

With a Russian soul like her father and her mother’s French imagination and light touch, France Botcharoff was born in Paris into a family of artists. Her talent is partly due to her studies in visual arts, which led to a degree in Applied Arts at Paris. Then she enrolled at the Ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux-Arts in Paris as a free student in the Legueult studio (one of the masters of the Poetic Reality Movement).

France Marguet Botcharoff is a master of the techniques required in graphic design, advertising and interior design, composition, sketches and drawing live models; this is demonstrated by in her freedom of expression, supported by her knowledge of the history of art.

She is well versed in other artistic techniques: ceramics, copies of old originals, Chinese lacquer and binding.

An innate sense enables France Botcharoff to capture the moment, with its atmosphere and emotions, to crystallise all the energy of a fleeting instant! Her pictorial creations are rich in symbols, colour harmony and in personal and expressive perspectives.

«This is where the painter always also acts the role of a poet.»