Artistic career

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2014 Personal exhibition at “OFISA Informatique” to celebrate their 20th anniversary, with the theme “Regards … Infor-multiples”
2013 Personal exhibition at the CHUV on the theme : « Le Grand théâtre de la Vie » (« The Grand Theatre of life »)
2011 Galerie Michel Marguet, Rolle: “Les couleurs du temps entre Lausanne et Rolle” (The colours of time between Lausanne and Rolle)
2009 Group exhibition at U.N in Geneva : « Des Andes aux Alpes »
(« From the Andes to the Alps ») to celebrate the 125th anniversary of the official Bilateral relations between Peru and Switzerland ; then at the Manoir in Cologny and at the Galerie Darfi in St-Sulpice

Personal exhibition at the Galerie du Lac in Nyon :
« Un chemin nommé désir » (« a path named desire ») 

2006 Group exhibition at Europ’Art in Geneva: “Latin American encounters and visions”, later at the Galerie du Rhône in Geneva

Le Petit Cap Créatif celebrated its 10 year at the Galerie du Prieuré in Pully
Exhibition of student work. 

2005 Group exhibition at the UN in Geneva “Latin American perspectives and visions”
2004 Personal exhibition at the  Appia Gallery : « Oh ! Mai, mais te voilà » (« Oh ! May, here you are »)
2003 Group exhibition of Contemporary Art at the Forum in Montreux
2000 Personal exhibition at the Galerie du Reliquaire du 18ème siècle:
“Encounters and perspectives” 
1998 Personal exhibition for Tiffany jewelry, Zurich : « Les Heures bleues » (« The blue Hours »)
Special orders of the « Bahnhofstrasse » trilogy.
Solo exhibition at the Ecole du CAP in Lausanne: “L’esprit du CAP (The spirit of the CAP)”


1997 Personal exhibition in Zurich “Les Cinq Eléments (The Five Elements)”; in Lausanne: “Les Anges (The Angels)” and at the Grand Hotel des Diablerets “La Montagne (The Mountain)”. Group exhibition at the Espace culturel de Prilly
1996 Personal exhibition in Lausanne : « Le Chemin des déesses » (« The Way of the Goddesses »)
1995 Personal exhibition at the Plaza Hotel in Basel, invited by the Lyon’s Club : « Bâle, Ville active » et « Swissmétro » (« Basel, an active City » and « Swissmetro »)
Paintings for pharmaceutical groups in Basel.
Personal exhibition at the Lausanne-Palace Hotel : « Les ailes du désir » (« Wings of desire »)
Works for the Hotel : « Le Lausanne-Palace en 1930 » (« The Lausanne-Palace in 1930 »)


1994 Various works for private orders. Decorative Panel : « Humanité et Communications » (« Humanity and Communications ») for a meeting room.
1993 General concept of 5 large paintings for a Fiduciary in Lausanne.
1992 Various solo exhibitions: Association des intérêts de Lausanne (ADIL) (Lausanne tourist association): “Trois petits tours entre Lausanne et Ouchy (Three little tours between Lausanne and Ouchy)”
Hôtel Mövenpick, Ouchy-Lausanne: “Côté Lac et Côté Jardin (lake side and garden side)”

The L’Emeraude jewellery shop in Lausanne: Creating a set of tables on iridescent glass for the launch of the Tiffany 1 brand


1990 Personal exhibition in the former home of the painter Auberjonoix at
Jouxtens: “Carnets de voyages (Traveller’s journals)” 
1988-1990 Creation of the “Annual Report” and the exhibition “Bruits d’elles et émois (Their sounds and emotions)” at the Compagnie Vaudoise d’Electricité (electricity company)
1979-1991 Independent Graphic Artist
Contributed to textbooks published by the Department of Public Education and Religious Affairs of the Canton of Vaud (DIPC). Illustration and creation of various books: reading, grammar, music, poetry, etc.
Illustrations for the poems of Jules Supervielle “Parmi les oiseaux et les lunes (among the birds and moons)”.

Over the years, she has created many works on topics chosen by individuals.